Environment, Health and Safety

ZETATEC ZETATEC is committed to sustainable development, preserving the environment and safeguarding the physical well-being of its collaborators and the correct functioning of its installations and equipment. For that purpose, it tries to implement concrete actions in order to achieve the systematic reduction in work-related accidents and diseases in the company:

• To continue with the work accomplished during the previous years in the line of continuous improvement.
• To achieve the individual commitment of each worker, therefore, every work activity inherent to the different positions in the Company is performed with high degree of safety.
• To reduce the accident rate in the company.
• To train the entire staff about issues of risk prevention and environmental care according the Annual Training Program.
• To perform the Induction Training for new workers in the Company and to those moved to a new position.
• To achieve the fulfilment of the standards demanded by the current legal provisions as regards Risk Prevention and Operational Safety.
• Full-time monitoring of the correcting measures of the accident investigations.

ZETATEC S.A. has a record of all the accidents and a monitoring of the respective correcting measures. This allows the company statistics to be analysed and monthly shared with the personnel.
• Furthermore, it is stated that these statistics are sent monthly to the clients who request them.