ZETATEC ZETATEC is aware that through its activities it generates an impact on people’s lives; that is why we put every effort to help each one of them have a good experience with us. From our roots, we have committed to achieving the highest standards of QUALITY in our works and services, preserving the EVIRONMENT, SECURITY and HEALTH of our personnel, clients, contractors and suppliers. Our commitments to each of them:

Environment We know that the responsible management of the resources is vital for our company, employees, clients and our world. ZETATEC works to develop and offer efficient and effective services, reducing the environmental impact. The design and performance of our works are carried out in offices, workshops and work places created and maintained in an environmentally-friendly way.

Clients We have equipment, machinery, modern high-technology tools to guarantee the technical capacity needed to be professionally competent. We are competent and leaders in our performance field.

Personnel: To promote the participation and enquiries of our personnel in order to improve the administration system. Continuous training in different theoretical frameworks from personal tests with feedback, motivating the development at a personal and professional level, providing security and recognizing and appreciating the work. Total commitment of the company in achieving a balance between work and personal llife of our employees. To work on the prevention of accidents and work diseases through the implementation of safe working conditions.

Society: We stand firm in the belief that companies are responsible towards the community they belong to, that is why ZETATEC regularly collaborates helping different entities which encourage people’s social, recreational and health development.

ZETATEC S.A. commits itself to keep this Policy updated and in continuous improvement of its Administration System, Occupational Health, Safety performance, and Quality.