Zetatec SA was born in 2007 with the aim of providing construction and civil engineering services. Over time, we managed to establish Zetatec as a company and advance with steady steps in the field and, at the same time, keep focused on the same objectives, becoming established in public and private constructions. We have the economic and financial support to plan, develop and execute a wide spectrum of works in the construction field; as well as the experience, human resources and machinery necessary to provide efficient services and meet deadlines and estimated completion dates firmly.

In recent years, we have continued improving due to the growth achieved by the efficacy and efficiency of our performance and human resources. We have reinvested profits and incorporated to our services the construction of private houses and buildings under the “turnkey” mode. We have also incorporated the design and execution of urban projects of parks and promenades and, more recently, the electric field, especially the construction of public and private installations (in houses and industries), of MV and LV.

Zetatec consists of a group of highly specialised professionals, technicians and workers in the electromechanical, civil and engineering field that, along with a great human capacity, guarantee the success in the works and projects engaged. In summary, we are convinced that we can highly fulfil the various needs of the public and private organisms and companies.